Maesalong is part of the North in Thailand, about 1200 m. above sea level, there is a settlement for Chinese community, descendants from Chinese anti-communist army which flied from China when the communist army won the civil war about 50 years ago. Main group of the people are Chinese and hill-tribe groups are also living near by. It is a village surrounded by tea plantation and mountains and very quiet, relaxing and cool place, and ideal place to escape from the heat of South East Asia.
It is accessible from Chiang Rai and Thaton, 2 hour by bus and songthiaw. Total distance is 76 km from Chiangrai

Maesalong little home free copy map of maesalong and walk around the village. Famous for cherry/plumb blossoms Dec-Jan
But the best thing is just enjoy nice scenery and cool climate
Tea: most famous product. Many shops selling tea. At most of the shops you can ask to taste some for free. Coffee is another product but quality is low.
Buddha pagoda: on the top of the mountain. You can climb up Take the right road from the songthiaw stop. It may takes 15-20min. on foot. Very hard. You can get very nice view to all the valley.
Trekking on horse



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