Maesalong Little Home Guesthouse is 68 Km. away from Chiang rai It take 1.30 hrs. to go located at 31 Moo1 Maesalongnork, Maefahluang, Chiang Rai Thailand Tel. 053-765389 ,


Mae Salong is a fairly isolated non descript town deep in the highlands of the Thai-Burmese border area. It's laid back style and quiet lifestyle hides a colourful & chequered history.

When Mao Tse Tung's red army swept southwards into Kunming and through Yunnan, a few rag-tag battalions of the nationalist army (Kuo Min Tang KMT) flied into neighbouring Laos, Burma and Thailand. An entire garrison of almost ten thousand men from the Chinese Nationalist 93rd Infantry led by a General Tuan Si Woen settled in Mae Salong and from there planned & plotted their battles with the communists a short way away in China.



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